Køb Canada Goose Herre Jakker Online Dare to ask the world

Køb Canada Goose Herre Jakker Online Dare to ask the world

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Køb Canada Goose Herre Jakker Online Dare to ask the world world

Køb Canada Goose Herre Jakker Online is Canada Goose Jakke Salg there a stable, let us feel warm? Always afraid of a turn, no longer your audio, the world's big, then where should I look for you? I still remember having vowed to find a place that belongs to us and live a life without any hustle and bustle. See all the Canada Goose Herre Jakker clouds in the mountains, and finally gradually found that the changes can not be faced with each other away from the figure. Maybe my words never come to an end, but I am quite sure that the beautiful scenery will look rather desolate without you. Want to cut a period of time, promised a peace, with my infatuation, warm your heart, toward the end of life, all the way forward.

Køb Canada Goose Jakker Dame Online However, the passing years, the number of vowed capricious, how ambiguous already frosty, how many flowers blossoming burial sent fragrant, how many people arena forget each other, how many love to pay, how many origins extinct unimaginable? How much romance lost brilliant, how many deep feelings no longer echoed ears, how many face has covered Cangsang, how many review tears? Hastily blink of an eye, and how much Ye Fei Ye fainted and desolate, but also how many things can not hide, how many steps began to imitate, and how much night moon and stars melancholy, how many shadow according to the floor fee to consider, and how much Miss deposition in the intestine, how many sad songs repeated singing, and how many people are waving blood and tears into the ink to write residual chapter?

That world, who hold a paper umbrella, shuttle ferry crossing with you to meet? That year, when the prosperity of Chang'an, who quietly enjoy your bustling 3000? That season, sky blue grass flowers gorgeous, also remember whether the catkins flying put a total of kite? On that day, who said that fate has been separated from their own, from the horizon close forever? Looking back moment, but it is clear and happy tears. Watch this world, infatuation is not just infatuated life, who is still defending a vow, Mohs looking Wangwang want to wear? If it is difficult to put aside the long-cherished wish of the past, why not find a secluded Buddhist temple, listen to a Sanskrit indifferent, light a few columns of incense, promised my immortal prayers.

Just, dust old dream, whether I really have seen a total of life and death? Listen quietly, how many eternal love is still preaching? If the streamer falls in love, the story has been spreading and writing, Canada Goose Dame Jakke asking how the outcome ignorant? a cup of mind zero total, waiting for some distance, so who's shadow closer to me? Forever wrinkles between brows love mark, I have your sorrow and joy I know the chest. In other years, thanks to spring red, who peep memory of the sky? I am blinded by the flickering of my eyes. I am in a hurry. Who can chase my trail?

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